Willow Pattern Walkabout

By Kirwan Ward and Paul Rigby. With a New Foreword by Graham Earnshaw

Unexpectedly in 1958, an irreverent British journalist and Australian cartoonist duo were granted visas to visit Communist China at its most closed and inscrutable.

Two Years in the Forbidden City

By Princess Der Ling. With a New Foreword by Graham Earnshaw

For two years, Der Ling was the favorite lady-in-waiting to the Empress Dowager Cixi in the imperial palace in Beijing.

Hong Kong Policeman

Law, life and death on the streets of Hong Kong. An English police inspector tells it as it was. By Chris Emmett

Hong Kong in 1970 was the fastest expanding city in the world, a city that lived on three levels - the expatriates, nearly always British who lived in almost complete isolation; the vast mass of Ch

It's A Rough Game But Good Sport

The life, times and personalities of the Shanghai Rugby Football Club. By Simon Drakeford

The Treaty Port of Shanghai was established in 1843. As the ‘Model Settlement’ grew, thoughts inevitably turned to recreation.

Shanghai’s Art Deco Master

Paul Veysseyre’s Architecture in the French Concession. By Spencer Dodington & Charles Lagrange
Old Shanghai’s architecture is world famous, particularly for the many Art Deco buildings designed and erected during its golden age in the 1920s and 1930s, before the Japanese in