Tales of Old San Francisco

Graham Earnshaw

San Fransisco is a crested jewel of the California Coast, a city which has been home to convicts and charlatans, millionaires and movie stars. The last stop on the journey  West across America, or the first stop from Asia, San  Fransisco managed to remain Wild long after the rest of  the United States was tamed. Tales of Old San Francisco  bathes the reader in the rich mysteries of the city, from the Chinatown to Haight-Ashbury, from the gold rush to earthquakes, from crooks to rock stars, beatniks to Hippies, and the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz. The city’s history brims with colorful characters and extraordinary events, and this book gives all the highlights.


“What a city San Francisco is, and what a great book this is in introducing its scintillating stories.”  Gareth Powell, publisher and author