Tales of Old

Justice by Gunboat

Douglas Clark
War, riots, rebellion, sedition, corruption, assassinations, murder, infidelity, and even a failed hanging. These were just some of the many challenges faced by the British and American courts that operated in China, Japan and Korea for close to a 100 years. Established in the mid-19th Century under treaties signed when foreign gunboats forced all three countries to open to the outside world, the foreign courts had the sole right to try their own nationals to the exclusion of local courts. This book unveils the history of this system of extraterritoriality.

Tales of Old Manila

Lisa Angstadt
Manila, and the Philippine islands beyond it, has a rich history, filled with Spanish galleons, Japanese invaders, killer volcanoes, and a host of colorful characters and incidents that make the city a must-visit destination in Asia. The influence of the Catholic Church and of Islam, the Spanish and American occupations, the Philippine independence movement, Imelda’s shoes and General MacArthur’s vow to return ... the list of amazing facts and treasures goes on and on. In the classic Tales format, this book tells the story of one of the world’s great cities through words and images of the times.

Tales of Old Tokyo

John D. Van Fleet
A breathtaking romp through the city’s Tokyo’s history from the mid 19th to the mid 20th century, with, using lots of images, writings and clippings to bring back to life those far-off days.

Tales of Old Hainan

The colorful past of China’s greatest island. by Philip Gwinell
Originally from England, Philip holds a bachelor’s joint honors degree in company law & information systems from the University of Staffordshire in England. After running his own software company in the UK for more than 20 years, he fell in love with Hainan in 2004 and in 2005 decided to make the island his permanent home. Since then he has become heavily involved in the local community and government. As the Chief Advisor to the Haikou Guide, Hainan’s only English bimonthly information guide, Philip assists with both translation and the selection of news and features of interest to overseas guests. At various times he has also acted as a translator for the government at events like the 2010 Bo’ao International Tourism Forum. He also acts as a senior advisor to the board of one of Hainan’s largest tour operators and is an advisor to the Foreign Affairs Office of the Haikou Municipal Government. A fluent speaker and reader of the Chinese language, Philip has a passionate interest in all things Hainanese.

Tales of Old Batavia

Kami Ehrich
The city of Jakarta is today the capital of Indonesia, but it has had other incarnations, and other names, most notably as the regional headquarters of the Dutch East Indies when it was known around the world as Batavia. As the capital of the Netherlands’ highly unlikely empire in the far east of Asia, Batavia was for 200 years the lynchpin for the spice trade. This book features highlights from the rich history of one of the most fascinating cities of Asia.