Tales of Old

Tales of Old Manila

Lisa Angstadt

Manila, and the Philippine islands beyond it, has a rich history, filled with Spanish galleons, Japanese invaders, killer volcanoes, and a host of colorful characters and incidents that make the ci

Tales of Old Tokyo

John D. Van Fleet

A breathtaking romp through the city’s Tokyo’s history from the mid 19th to the mid 20th century, with, using lots of images, writings and clippings to bring back to life those far-off days.

Tales of Old Hainan

The colorful past of China’s greatest island. by Philip Gwinell
Originally from England, Philip holds a bachelor’s joint honors degree in company law & information systems from the University of Staffordshire in England. After running his own software com

Tales of Old Batavia

Kami Ehrich

The city of Jakarta is today the capital of Indonesia, but it has had other incarnations, and other names, most notably as the regional headquarters of the Dutch East Indies when it was known aroun

Tales of Old Shanghai

Graham Earnshaw
The old Shanghai was a rich and cosmopolitan mixture of East and West that exuded luxury, style and excitement.