The Peace Correspondent

Asian travel stories from a restless writer. By Garry Marchant

A well-seasoned traveler with a taste for the exotic, Garry Marchant writes of more than thirty years of jaunts around Asia, tales that amuse and delight.

Tea on the Great Wall

An American Girl in War-Torn China. By Patricia Luce Chapman

“Shirley Temple” in Wonderland meets Chinese opium addicts, Nazis, and Japanese bayonets. China in the 1930s and a young American girl is an eye-witness as the world falls apart.

Hong Kong Policeman

Law, life and death on the streets of Hong Kong. An English police inspector tells it as it was. By Chris Emmett

Hong Kong in 1970 was the fastest expanding city in the world, a city that lived on three levels - the expatriates, nearly always British who lived in almost complete isolation; the vast mass of Ch

Stateless in Shanghai‏

Liliane Willens

Born in Shanghai to Russian Jewish parents who fled the Bolshevik Revolution, Liliane Willens is a “stateless” girl in the world’s most cosmopolitan city.