Finding The Way

A novel of Lao Tzu. By Wayne Ng

A novel of Lao Tzu. In the sixth century BC, the legendary philosopher Lao Tzu seeks redemption and an opportunity to spread his beliefs by joining the royal court, but is greeted by a vainglorious King, a mad Queen and a deadly struggle for power in progress between the twin princes. In one of them, the thoughtful but hesitant heir to the throne Prince Meng, he discovers a protégé. But Lao Tzu’s ideas of peace and natural order leave him ill-prepared for the intrigue of the palace and the noxious rivalry between Meng and his younger twin brother, the bold and decisive Prince Chao. Confucius arrives and allies with Chao, thus raising the stakes for control of the dynasty culminating in a venomous clash between Taoism and Confucianism. With the King ailing and war imminent, Lao Tzu is betrayed and accused of spying. The Master Philosopher must cast aside his naivete and idealism to fight for his life. 

Wayne Ng’s Finding the Way vividly reimagines the life and times of China’s most mysterious philosopher, Lao Tzu. On the utmost fringes of the empire, somewhere between history and myth, Lao Tzu relates the story of his life. Finding the Way is a must for fans of Chinese history and philosophy, and for lovers of a tale well-told.—Will Buckingham, author of The Descent of the Lyre

In this action-packed yet thoughtful thriller, narrated by a fictional Lao Tzu, Ng’s deep sense of history and his profound understanding of ancient thought produces a riveting story. We witness the best of Taoist and Confucianist intentions and ideals. Yet they are doomed in the short term to fail when confronted by the raw reality of ambition and power. Nevertheless they remain the bedrock of Chinese civilization.—Adam Williams, author of The Dragon’s Tail