Under Thunderous Skies

Miodrag Kojadinović

A girl in Shanghai in high-heels holds a doomed rabbit at the bequest of a client in Germany.

Kiss Me, Hadley

A novel by Nick Macfie

An English girl with a Chinese father gets caught up in the illegal gambling business. A benevolent gangster kills a dodgy dealer with a bow and arrow.

Sixty-four Chance Pieces

A Cycle of Stories from the I Ching - The Book of Changes

The Chinese I Ching, the Book of Changes, is one of the oldest and strangest of all books, a masterpiece of world literature, a divination manual and a magnet for the deranged and the obsessive.


Nick Macfie

British journalist Hadley Arnold, based in Hong Kong, is employed by a mysterious American “casting agent” to help destroy the reputation of an actor tipped to become the next James Bond.