I Didn't Make a Million

Whitey Smith

Whitey Smith was a jazz drummer from San Francisco who landed in Shanghai in 1922, just in time to help ignite the Jazz Age in one of the world’s most entertainment-crazed cities.

China and the Chinese

Herbert Allen Giles

Herbert Giles was one of the most prominent Sinologists of the late 19th century and early 20th century and this book was in its era one of the best-selling and most authoritative books on the topi

Shanghai's Schemozzle

by Sapajou with R.T. Peyton-Griffin (“In Parenthesis”)
The year was 1937, and Japan had just started its attack on central China, starting with Shanghai. It was in effect the start of World War Two, and it marked the moment when the world of Old Shan

Willow Pattern Walkabout

By Kirwan Ward and Paul Rigby. With a New Foreword by Graham Earnshaw

Unexpectedly in 1958, an irreverent British journalist and Australian cartoonist duo were granted visas to visit Communist China at its most closed and inscrutable.

The Unveiling Of Lhasa

By Edmund Candler. With a New Foreword by David Leffman

December, 1903. A border dispute escalates amid rumors of a proposed secret alliance between Russia and the religious monarchy at Lhasa.