China Today

The Formosa Fraud

Graham Earnshaw

More than 300 years ago, the island of Taiwan was a topic of hot controversy in London, thanks to a stupendous fraud perpetrated by a Frenchman claiming to have been born on the island.

Black in China

Aaron Vessup

Black in China tells the dynamic story of Aaron Vessup, a Black American teacher who, after decades of living in the shadow of America’s racism, makes the radical decision to travel 8,000 miles to

While We're Here

Editors: Alec Ash and Tom Pellman

Anyone who has lived in China has stories to tell. For foreigners and Chinese alike, this is a land that transforms itself every day, with something to write about on every corner

A Decent Bottle of Wine in China

Chris Ruffle

When Yorkshireman Chris Ruffle decided to build a vineyard complete with a Scottish castle in the midst of the countryside in eastern China, he was expecting difficulties ...

The Tao of Business

Using ancient Chinese philosophy to survive and prosper in times of crisis. By Ansgar Gerstner

Discover the ancient wisdom of Chinese Tao and how it applies to modern business with this fresh, uncomplicated guide.