China Today

The Republican Party and the Rise of China

David Petriello
How an American political party helped create modern China. No man - or country - is an island, and China’s emergence over the past two centuries was not solely the product of internal actions. In this ground-breaking study, David Petriello argues that out of all of the catalyzing influences in the creation of modern China, none was more vital than the Republican Party. From the 1780s to today, the various incarnations of this American political party has worked to create the conditions that allowed for China to once again become a world power.

Science of War

Christopher MacDonald
Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” re-translated and re-considered. For more than two thousand years, strategists in China have followed a single system of military teachings. In The Science of War, Christopher MacDonald tells how those principles and teachings first crystallized into the Sun Tzu treatise and how they guide China’s military and political leaders to this day. Supported by a masterly new translation of Sun Tzu’s classic, MacDonald analyses what the application of that ancient system of thought bodes for military strategy in the region.

The Formosa Fraud

Graham Earnshaw
The story of George Psalmanazar, one of the greatest Charlatans In Literary History.

Black in China

Aaron Vessup
A black man experiences racism - in China and the United States. Black in China tells the dynamic story of Aaron Vessup, a Black American teacher who, after decades of living in the shadow of America’s racism, makes the radical decision to travel 8,000 miles to find a new future as an educator in China. Aaron's story spans the gulf between the crooked streets of South-Central LA and the crowded lanes of modern Beijing, providing a rich and intimate view of China today through the eyes of a Black man. Aaron grapples with issues of race and history in both America and China, exploring why he would prefer to be “Black Chinese”, not “Black American.”

While We're Here

Editors: Alec Ash and Tom Pellman
Anyone who has lived in China has stories to tell. For foreigners and Chinese alike, this is a land that transforms itself every day, with something to write about on every corner. Collected in this anthology are 33 contributions, a mix of narrative non-fiction, fiction and poetry, from the writers' colony the Anthill ( Together, they offer glimpses into this quicksilver country—by turns funny, touching and bizarre. Whether we stay or leave, the stories remain.