Shanghai’s Art Deco Master

Paul Veysseyre’s Architecture in the French Concession. By Spencer Dodington & Charles Lagrange
Old Shanghai’s architecture is world famous, particularly for the many Art Deco buildings designed and erected during its golden age in the 1920s and 1930s, before the Japanese invaded and the world changed. Many of the Art Deco gems in Shanghai were designed by the French architect Paul Veysseyre, the focus of this book. Co-author Spencer Dodington has lived in and renovated many of Shanghai’s Art Deco masterpieces while Charles Lagrange has chronicled the history of Shanghai’s French Concession in numerous articles.

Unsavory Elements

Original writings by Simon Winchester, Michael Meyer, Deborah Fallows, Alan Paul, Susan Conley, and others. Edited by Tom Carter
A riveting anthology of vivid stories and essays from some of the most celebrated writers to have ever lived in China. Westerners are flocking to China in increasing numbers to chase their dreams even as Chinese emigrants seek their own dreams abroad. Life as an outsider in China has many sides to it - weird, fascinating and appalling, or sometimes all together. We asked foreigners who live or have lived in China for a significant period to tell us a story of their experiences and these 28 contributions resulted.
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